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OGC has collected these pictures from the Web, Friends, Users and alot of others sources. I'd Like to thank everyone who has contributed.

medical marijuana logo

cannabis sativa

white widow

Spray Effect

Shiva skunk budding in the back yard sept 14,02

northern lights #1

Marijuana has many uses.

this girl was veg indoor had mold get to her lost her main arms, one little branch turned into this plant of colas 9-14-02

Marijuana In chemical form

RIP Too Tall Tony Kennaday own Strain StoneyTony

Dutch Passion Gentics Do matter.

Green Spirit

Northern Blueberry Ruderalis, Upclose

Wellhouse indica Outdoor

9-14-02 Look at those crystals and only 1 month on these girls, wait till oct to see final product!

Another Fine pic of Northern Blueberry Ruderalis

Northern Lights# 1 going outside

sept14 02 1 month till shes done

Half of a juicy fruit waiting to ripen

another Beauty

look at those calx

a stunted hawaiian sativa in bloom

Marijuana what a wonderful thing...trainwreck 9-14-02

Indica madness

wellhouse indica bud

2-14-02 One of our strains

marijuana its a glorious thing.....

Mrs's banana Tree!

Another girl to make our hearts proud

nothing left to do but smile and wait for the flowering to begin....


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