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Here are some links we find very Handy
These sites are filled with so much information I'm bearly able to cram it all on to one page. I hope its not to jumbled. Little by little I'll have more time to put it all into an easier order so it can be more useful to all.

This site was updated september 6, 2001. @ 11:54pm.

Very Useful Sites
Oregon Health Dept The Oregon medical Marijuana home page
OGC's Yahoo club growers here to help you with your garden
THE DEA PAGE KEEP UP WITH THESE HUMANS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS This man Has the best site online for medical marijuana info In this state! OGC loves you Ken.
How to grow Marijuana This site is ideal if you cant afford to go out and buy a guide to read to answer some of your commonly asked marijuana growing questions.

Favorite Sites
Cannabis Culture! This Is a mag, i recommend to everything Marc emery is a weed god on earth. Praise bob!
The compassion club. Canadian hempsters Fighting a worthy battle BC is only 8 hours away from Oregon! You can easily meet these KIND folks!
Yahooka Marijuana Search Engine that is brimmed full of information!
Green Cross Seattle Green Cross Seattle. A great place for info if your in washington state
Norml recommendation for Resposible use A page for some people to read if your wondering about using marijuana
Portland Norml Portland's own Norml Chapter
contigo- conmigo Medical Marijuana Page Oregon Based
Oregon Medical Assocation Up to date current information on this site about medical issues.
Douglas county stormy ray Reach Stormy Ray members In douglas county.


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