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More products you can used in your garden
We make our own fertlizer for soil growing. It has a special blend that is gentle enough for baby plants and rooted clones, yet hardy enough for long term use in the plants long term life.
We make a Veggie and Bloom Mix that are ALL ORGANIC and affordable.

OGC Veggie and Bloom Nutrients
All organic Mix for Indoor/outdoor Growing.
1pnd- 20.00
5pn. 100.00

1.5x1.5x1.5inch Rockwool Cubes .75$ Each
Rockwool 3inch (Large Hole) 1.25$ each
6inch Rockwool Slabs (by 3 feet) 10.00
Alaska Products Rock!
Alaska comes in 3 flavors for you plant needs.
Start up, Fish and Bloom.
avab. in quart and gal sizes.

Start up-
Q 5.00
G 15.00

Q 6.50
G 20.00

Q 6.50
G 20.00

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