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We Only sell products we use our selves and recommend to other growers
Here you can find some of our Growing Line of Products. We currently have Lights, Soils, soil additives, fertilizers, Security, hydro & organic growing set ups, mylar, Hash making Accesories, timers, cloning supplys, nutrients, odor control, insect control,air and water pumps, PH and TSD Meters, And alot more miscellaneous growing needs.

Ready to used KITS!
A kit comes with your choice of 1000w High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide complete kit for 220.00 Shipping is whatever UPS Charges.
Kits come with Ballasts, ignitor and capacitor, sockets, Pigtail cables, Bulbs ,Sea-Gull Style Reflectors, and hardwear are included in kits.

Sea-Gull Style Reflectors that comes with the kit!
These kits are fully wired and ready to go. They can be set upon and cinder block or held in a tool box. ready to use right outta the box, just connect everything and hang!

Reflective Wall Covering
Plastic and Mylar material used for covering non-reflective areas to make them more reflective of the light from your lamp.

1 mil rolls
25 ft- 25.00
50 ft- 35.00
100 ft-55.00
black and white poly
black and white poly is great to close off spaces and is reflective on white side by 90%. Its very tough relective and can be handled on a daily basis with out damaging or tearing.
100X10 roll 85.00
50X10 roll 50.00
25x10 roll 35.00

Propogation Trays and Domes
Perfect for clones and seedlings,
trays are 2.00
dome lids are 5.00
Pesticides for mites and thrips and mold. Organic pesticides are recommended by this site:
Chrysanthemum comes in 1 size 400gr 15.00

Einstein Oil comes in 2 sizes
120Ml 15.00
500ML 45.00

Growth Enhancers
Super Thrive 120ML 20.00
General Hydroponics
GH is the original in a line of liquid hydro nutients.

pictured Below Veggie 1 L.

General HydroPonics
pictured below Bloom 1 Liter

Hydroponic diffrent sizes
flora Veggie
flora bloom

Liters and Gallons

L- 15.00
G- 35.00

flora Mirco Nutrients
Liters and Gallons
L- 25.00
G- 45.00


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